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If you have information to share, corrections to make, or simply want to give some feedback about this site, your are more than welcome to e-mail us.


This site is a joint effort of Mark Ord and Katie Jensen. Neither of us are associated with Doug, knew Doug personally, or have any association with any of the bands Doug was a part of. We're simply fans of Doug's work. All information is correct to the best of our knowledge.


In my personal opinion, it was simply needed. Doug, appearing throughout the Tempe music scene in many different incarnations, there is not one single source on the net that has the complete run down on Doug and his achievements. And with the vast number of emails I've had over the past few years concerning questions about Doug, compiling all the known information into one site seems like a great idea.

And besides, what better project to team up with my long time friend and avid Doug fan for?


That's right Mark, it was just needed. There hasn't been one site with compiled information about Doug and no site dedicated to honoring his memory, his life and music. Which is what we are here to do, as well as inform. And anything that I, and my associate, Mark can do to spread knowledge of Doug and what he did and to give a little refuge for those who have been influenced by the man, we will readily do. Overlooked no more, we offer this tribute.



This site is to capture the work of Doug Hopkins. Although it touches on the bands Doug was involved with, the focus is Doug's involvement, not on the bands as a whole. For detailed information on the actual bands, their respective web sites should be visited. Most can be found on the links page.


The idea for developing a site documenting Hopkin's musical legacy came about in 1998. The site started to become a reality in late 1999 once we started on the ground work. After many hours of research and compilation of information, the site finally went online on Saturday, February 19th, 2000.


Kudos go to the following people for their input and help with the site:
Scott Fader, Shireen Liane, Cathy Rhodes, Robin Gossard, Jessica Mazur, Jay Cantrell, Randy Sanders, Marc Reid, Bill Campbell.

And finally, thanks to everyone who has dropped us a line with comments on the site.