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Local 98 Rock - Doug Hopkins Tribute Show

Shortly following Doug's suicide, Local 98 Rock dedicated a whole show to the memory of Doug Hopkins, which ran for almost an hour an a half. In the studio were friends and band mates of Doug Hopkins, recalling their memories of Douglas, and featured his music. Those present included Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms), Lawrence Zubia (Chimeras / Pistoleros), Brian Blush (August Red / The Eventuals / The Refreshments / Storyline), Curtis Grippe and Brian Griffith (Dead Hot Workshop), PC (Satalitte), Micheal Johnny Walker (Burn Baby Burn), Tom Fender (???) and Leah Miller (KASR / KZON).

Also featured was two snippits of radio interviews with Doug, one from the Snickers New Music Search about the Gin Blossoms songs in general (with references to Keli Richards), and the other from a KASR interview with Leah Miller, where Doug speaks about who Found Out About You is about.

All the songs played during the show were songs Doug had written, some very rare, some not so rare, with the exception of the live cover of Teenager In Love (featuring Doug yelling "please, somebody, anybody, please tell me why in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I must be a fucking teenager in love"), Nothing At All written by Robin Wilson (from Doug's perspective), and Jesus Revisited by Dead Hot Workshop. We don't really know why Jesus Revisited was played, other than Curtis and Brian being in the studio. (Dialogs about the songs can be found on the Discography page.)

The list of songs goes a little something like this:

Hold Me Down (Gin Blossoms)
Keli Richards (Gin Blossoms)
Ponyboy And Johnny (The Chimeras)
Cathedral City (The Chimeras)
Jesus Revisited (Dead Hot Workshop)
Pieces Of The Night (Gin Blossoms)
Blame It On The Sky (The Feedbags)
Teenager In Love (Gin Blossoms live at Chuy's - August 4, 1990)
100 Summers (The Psalms)
Dream With You (Gin Blossoms - Studio demo)
25 Women Ago (Doug Hopkins and Robin Wilson acoustic demo)
Nothing At All (Doug Hopkins and Robin Wilson acoustic demo)
Found Out About You (Gin Blossoms - Dusted version)
Still Wondering Where Those Bastards Are (Doug Hopkins and Robin Wilson acoustic demo)

Note: The Dusted versions of Lost Horizons and Found Out About You, and the "Porno Stars And Beer" interview with Robin and Doug which is played on the Local 98 tribute show, can also be found on the Snickers New Music Search LP.

Songs About Doug

River Otis (E.P) Cover
River Otis (E.P)
Recorded by Dead Hot Workshop
Lyrics: Pending
Dead Hot Workshop's 1994 E.P "River Otis", doesn't necessarily have any songs written about Doug, but the title of the E.P is taken from Doug's Del Monte name "Otis", and the front cover of the album is a photo of Doug sitting on a rock in the middle of a river, naked, meditating.
River Ots
Brent Babb
Recorded by Dead Hot Worrkshop
Appearing on 1001
Lyrics: Pending
Dead Hot Workshop's follow up to the "River Otis" E.P, the full length album "1001" contains a track "River Otis". One of the best songs on the album. I won't pretend to know how this song relates to Doug (if it does at all?), because I don't know.
'Tribute To Otis Del Monte'
Brent Babb
Performed by Brent Babb
Lyrics: Pending
This is a song performed live by Brent Babb, dedicated to 'the tall and cynical Otis Del Monte'. It may not be written about Doug, but sounds like it is. The actual title of the song is unknown.
Ace When I Fold
Steve Larson
Performed by Steve Larson
This is a song performed live by Steve Larson (of Dead Hot Workshop / The Peacemakers).
Don't Wanna Know
Blush, Clyne, Naffah, Edwards
Recorded by The Refreshments
Appearing on Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy
The "friend" Roger sings about in Don't Wanna Know, is Doug Hopkins.
Tributary Otis
Blush, Clyne, Naffah, Edwards
Recorded by The Refreshments
Appearing on The Bottle & Fresh Horses
The opening song on The Refreshment's second and final major label release, "Tributary Otis". The song material deals with the loss of Doug. Interestingly, the title is a lot like Dead Hot Workshop's "River Otis", as a tributary is a river or stream.

Not quite a song about Hopkins, but the Refreshments also make reference to one of his songs, in the Refreshments song "Interstate" (Fizzy Fuzzy Big And Buzzy). Doug's "Lost Horizons" gets mentioned in the following lyrics; "Lead thoughts and lost horizons". "Lead Thoughts" (1001) being a Dead Hot Workshop song.
Oh Uh!
Blush, Clyne, Naffah, Edwards
Recorded by The Refreshments
Appearing on The Bottle & Fresh Horses Demos
A great lost Refreshments track (possible recorded as a demo), all about ripping off acts such as Violent Femmes, Rolling Stones, CRR, and Doug Hopkins' guitar."
Change The Station
Brian Blush
Recorded by Luck & Trouble
Appearing on Malfunction Junction
Lyrics: Pending
In 2002, Brian Blush returned to the music scene with Malfunction Junction, a CD recorded with Bob Monteleone. Substantially different than Brian's Refreshments days, except for the live version of Mexico, and featuring Brian on lead vocals, the album contains the track Change The Station, about Doug.

In 2006, during Brian's short stint with The Reign Kings, Change The Station was recorded as a demo.
Seeing Stars
Robin Wilson
Recorded by Gin Blossoms
Appearing on Follow You Down (single b-Side)
Robin puts it simply, "The song is a hypothetical conversation between myself and my friend Doug."
Whose Side Are You On?
Robin Wilson
Recorded by Gas Giants
Appearing on From Beyond The Back Burner
Lyrics: Pending
It's been brought to our attention that Whose Side Are You On? written by the Gas Giants, Robin Wilson's band post Gin Blossoms is written in respect to Doug. We wouldn't have picked it, but apparently Robin has confirmed to a fan that what he yells towards the end of the song is "Doug!".
The Slingbacks
The now defunct Slingbacks from the UK recorded a few songs related to Doug. Their singer, Shireen Liane, and Brian Smith (of Tempe's Beat Angels and writer for the Phoenix Times, who has credit on the Slingback's album) were friends of Doug, when they all lived in Arizona. After Shireen moved to the UK, her band the Slingbacks recorded the album All Pop, No Star in 1996, which was dedicated to Doug.
Hey Douglas
Shireen Liane
Recorded by The Slingbacks
Appearing on All Pop, No Star
The aptly titled Hey Douglas is great Hopkins/Cure pop influenced track, about Doug Hopkins. Here is a snippet of a review of the album:

"Hey Douglas" sounds like a compassionate but bouncily uncluttered song of encouragement to a friend, until I notice in the credits that the album is dedicated to ex-Gin Blossoms songwriter Douglas Hopkins, and realize that the plaintive, but seemingly offhanded, "Hey Douglas, won't you stick around?" in the chorus is being sung to somebody who has already killed themselves. "
All Pop, No Star
Shireen Liane
Recorded by The Slingbacks
Appearing on All Pop, No Star
The album's title track is a song written in reference to Doug. The 70's brit rock influenced song sums up Doug and his demise to a tee, the man who was all pop, and criminally no star. This song says it best, "We love you as you are, all pop, no star".

To anyone who is interested in the album, it was only released in the UK on Virgin UK in 1996, while a few import copies made it to the US. The album is long out of print, but both it and Slingbacks singles show up on ebay from time to time.

Even beyond the Doug references, it's quite a catchy album with some great lyrics and trashy pop hooks. Definitely worth a listen beyond the Doug references, if you stumble across a copy.

The Slingbacks - All Pop, No Star - Virgin UK - 7243 8 42217 2 0 (UK: cdv2816)
Doug Hopkins Cover
Doug Hopkins
Recorded by The Boy Wonder Jinx
Appearing on Doug Hopkins (7' single)
The Boy Wonder Jinx from Raleigh, NC recorded this single about Doug circa 1996.
Mark Zubia, Lawrence Zubia
Recorded by Zubia Brothers
Appearing on Voices On The Street
A song by the Zubia brothers about many characters of the Tempe music scene over the last 15 years, including Doug Hopkins.
Chris Reed
This novel isn't about Doug in any way or form, neither is the fictional character Dr. Doug Hopkins, however the author took the character's name from the liner notes of New Miserable Experience.

Read the Afterword for the author's explanation, including a mention of Doug's last show with The Chimeras.
The Poppin' Wheelies Cover
The Poppin' Wheelies
Robin Wilson
The Poppin' Wheelies was an animated cartoon concept developed by Robin Wilson in the late '90s. The concept for the series centered around the fictional out of space rock 'n roll band The Poppin' Wheelies.

While the band was fictional, the characters drew inspiration from real life musicians, all involved at one time with the Tempe music scene. The bands Les Paul Gold Top playing guitarist, Otis was an obvious reference to Doug Hopkins. (Other members of the band resemble Dan Henzerling, PC (Paul Cardone) and Tommy Keene).

The carton series never quite eventuated past the concept stage, however the accompanying soundtrack album The Poppin' Wheelies was released in 2000, featuring Robin's post Gin Blossoms group the Gas Giants in the guise of The Poppin' Wheelies. The liner notes of the soundtrack album contain artwork for the cartoon series.

Other dedications

The following have been dedicated to Doug:

White House, Dead Hot Workshop.
We Dedicate this album, with all our love, to our friends Bob Hill, Stacey Keller and Doug Hopkins.

River Otis (E.P), Dead Hot Workshop.
This recording is dedicated to Bob Hill, Stacey Keller, Doug Hopkins, and their families and friends.

All Pop, No Star, Slingbacks.
In Memory Of Douglas Owen Hopkins - All Hail The Three Minute Pop Song

Wild Band Of Indians, Keith Secola & Wild Band.
To our brothers, in their life they have enlightened those they touched. Nicky Hopkins, Mac Selestewa, Kurt Cobain, Doug Hopkins, Jerry Garcia, Francis McKinley.

The Idiot Girls Action-Adventure Club: True Tales from a Magnificent and Clumsy Life, Laurie Notorio.
ISBN: 0375760911
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Published: July 2002

With the greatest reverence to Hopkins, who understood everything, who shielded me from the rain drop's on Tempe's Long Wongs so my dress wouldn't get wet, and who taught me the most important, honest things I will ever learn. You may be somewhere in the distance, but you are never far from my sight.

Doug Hopkins is thanked on the following albums:

Wanderlust, August Red (Douglas Hopkins - under Brian Blush's thank yous),
Wheelie, The Refreshments
River Otis (E.P), Dead Hot Workshop (Otis Del Monte)
Last Train Down, The Piersons
Mistaken For Granted, Chimeras
Hang Onto Nothing, The Pistoleros
Bars And Guitars, The Pistoleros.