Discography Summary

The purpose of the main discography page is to list all of Doug's work & projects cronologically, and in detail. It can be a bit overwelming with all the information, so we've also provided a cut down summary version of the discography, like what you would typically find for an artist.

The recordings listed are all recordings Hopkins has performed on. The anonomilies are:

  • Singles - Only lists Hopkins penned A sides, not all A sides that Doug performed on.
  • Hang On To Nothing (The Pistoleros), Bars & Guitars and My Guardian Angel (single) are listed for Doug's writing contribution, Doug did not perform on these recordings.
  • Just South Of Nowhere (DVD) - Listed, as it contains videos where Doug performs on the audio, however doesn't appear in the videos.

Year Title Artist Label Studio Cat No. Origin Format
1982 A Story I Was Told The Psalms Reilly Records Bleu Studios PSA 431 Arizona, USA 45
1983 No Great Cathedral (E.P) The Psalms Reilly Records El Dorado Studios, Tempe, AZ PSA 432 Arizona, USA Cassette
Robin Wilson and Doug Hopkins Acoustic Demos Gin Blossoms Home Recording, Tempe, AZ
1989 Dusted Gin Blossoms San Jancito Records (Original) / Bakman Records (CD re-release) Whipping Post Studios, Tucson AZ 0191 Arizona, USA LP & Cassette (Original) / CD (re-release)
Radical Records Demos Gin Blossoms Radical Records, Tempe, AZ
Regent Studio Demos Gin Blossoms Regent Studios, Tucson, AZ Demo
1991 Up and Crumbling (E.P) Gin Blossoms A&M Records Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN 75021 5369 2 USA LP / Cassette / CD
1992 New Miserable Experience Gin Blossoms A&M Records Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN 75021 5403 2 International Cassette / CD
2002 New Miserable Experience (Deluxe Edition) Gin Blossoms A&M Records Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN 069 493 406-2 USA CD
2010 New Miserable Experience (Rarities Edition) Gin Blossoms A&M Records Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN USA CD
Neve Songs Of Innocence Chimeras Unknown Demo Arizona, USA Cassette
1995 Mistaken For Granted Chimeras Imaginary Music The Saltmine, Mesa, AZ MFG1995 Arizona, USA CD
1997 Hang On To Nothing The Pistoleros Hollywood Records A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA HR-62083-2 USA CD
1999 Outside Looking In: The Best Of The Gin Blossoms Gin Blossoms Interscope Records 069 490 410-2 USA CD
2002 Just South Of Nowhere Gin Blossoms Universal Music Group N/A 069 493 490-9 USA DVD
2002 Bars & Guitars The Pistoleros Bakman Records Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, AZ N/A Arizona, USA CD
2003 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of The Gin Blossoms Gin Blossoms A&M Records B0000869-02 USA CD
2004 Scotti-Stock - A Benefit For Scott Moore The Pistoleros Stem Records Nita's Hideaway N/A Arizona, USA CD
2006 Punk Goes 90's Other Recordings Fearless Records USA CD
2007 Places & Situations Like This (E.P) Other Recordings El Ray Records N/A Arizona, USA CD
2008 Too B Or Not Too B Other Recordings Below Par Records Australia CD + DVD
2009 Playlist Your Way: Gin Blossoms Gin Blossoms A&M Records 602517975620 USA CD
2009 When In AZ...Music Compilation Other Recordings N/A N/A Arizona, USA MP3
2023 Quiet Beat Other Recordings Independent N/A US Digital

Songs Written

Jerry Doesn't Like It Doug Hopkins
B.Y.U Fight Song Doug Hopkins
Eddie's Going Faggot Doug Hopkins
A Story I Was Told Doug Hopkins
Christmas Island Doug Hopkins
100 Summers Doug Hopkins
Procession Doug Hopkins
Monique LeShea Doug Hopkins / Richard Flower
Where The Grass Once Grew Doug Hopkins / Bill Leen
Living At The Hancock Building Doug Hopkins
Angels Tonight Doug Hopkins
Dream With You Doug Hopkins
Not A Word About It Doug Hopkins
Twelfth Night Doug Hopkins
Blame It On The Sky Doug Hopkins / Jim Swafford / Dave McKay
Blue Eyes Bleeding Doug Hopkins
Mrs. Miller's Bastard Son Doug Hopkins
Quiet Beat Doug Hopkins
And Doug Hopkins
25 Women Ago Doug Hopkins
Nothing At All Robin Wilson
Still Wondering Where Those Bastards Are Doug Hopkins / Robin Wilson
Slave Dealer's Daughter Doug Hopkins / Bill Leen
Fireworks Doug Hopkins
Keli Richards Doug Hopkins / Bill Leen
Lost Horizons Doug Hopkins
Hey Jealousy Doug Hopkins
Found Out About You Doug Hopkins
Pieces Of The Night Doug Hopkins
Hold Me Down Doug Hopkins / Robin Wilson
Cheatin' Doug Hopkins / Jesse Valenzula
Ponyboy And Johnny Doug Hopkins
Cathedral City Doug Hopkins
Angel De Mi Guardia Doug Hopkins
Míja Veda Doug Hopkins
Absolutely Right And Wrong Doug Hopkins
Scared To Death Doug Hopkins
Long Last Lonely Mile Doug Hopkins
Southbound Train Doug Hopkins / Mark Zubia / Lawrence Zubia
My Guardian Angel Doug Hopkins / Mark Zubia