Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Rich Hopkins Related To Doug?

    The short answer is "no".

    Numerous articles (including ones on this site) reference Doug being related to Rich Hopkins from Tucson's Sidewinders, Sand Rubies and Rich Hopkins & The Luminarios.

    Despite references to Rich being Doug's brother and uncle, this is not the case, Rich Hopkins is not related to Doug Hopkins. The only connection that exists between the two is that Rich produced the Gin Blossoms debut record Dusted, which was released on his San Jancinto Records label in 1989.

    As for the articles in question, it's not our place to modify the articles and present them on the site in their original form.
  • Where Can I Find The Songs Listed On This Site?

    Information for the site, particularly the discography section, is compiled from numerous articles as well as information provided to us. Where possible, links are included for where to purchase recordings that contain material written by Hopkins.

    Many of the songs that are listed are unavailable and / or were not necessarily even recorded.
  • Did Doug Write 'She Was A Woman'?

    Years ago we were told She Was A Woman was written by Doug, and was listed in the discography as such.

    This however was incorrect, and has since been removed from the site. To avoid any confusion, this song was a Zubia brothers composition. No songs appearing on Mistaken For Granted were written by Doug.

    Similarly, at one time the Chimeras song was Funeral For A Friend was listed on the site as being written about Doug. This information (which has long since been removed) was also incorrect. The song and was written by Mark and Lawrence originally for Live Nudes before they knew Doug.