A site is never complete without a links page. :-) Here are other sites that are of interest. This section of the site isn't purposely Doug specific and is to provide links to find out more about bands and places mentioned within this site. Direct material denotes whether the external site contains some direct information pertaining to Doug.

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix's newsweekly online.
Direct Material: Archives articles about the Arizona music scene, including articles about Doug.

The War Against Silence - Issue 118s
Review of Slingbacks album, All Pop, No Star, which mentioned the song Hey Douglas.
Direct Material: Hey Douglas and album dedication.

'Senses' novel by Chris Reed
Direct Material: Afterword. Explaination about fictional character Dr. Doug Hopkins whose name came from Doug's. (Though the character and story line have nothing to do with Doug Hopkins. See Tributes for more info.)

Doug Hopkins - Wikipedia
Doug Hopkins Wikipedia page
Direct Material: General information about Doug